February 20, 2023


Lunatic & Lover is proud to announce the nationwide release of its latest product, “Fundamental” unaged, organic rum. Ever ones to push the boundaries, the distilling team at the Auckland distillery set their sights on what they could achieve with what some might consider,  the most basic form of the spirit; pot distilled, clear and completely unaged rum.

However, as is often the way with these things, simplicity does not necessarily equate to easy! Two years of recipe development followed until finally, a rum was created that is versatile and approachable, packs enough flavour and complexity to stand up to other ingredients and is yet refined enough to sample neat for those so inclined.

Using only the three basic ingredients  of  molasses, water and yeast, Fundamental can be considered a true test of the distiller’s talents. To quote founder and distiller, Matt Bridge   “There’s nowhere to hide when making this rum. Everything has to be perfect….the ingredients, the fermentation and the distillation. To start, you have to get really high-quality molasses and in this case, the organic molasses we sourced really shines through. Next, you can’t create a rich, full flavour without careful controlled fermentation. Then, if you haven’t had a good fermentation, you can’t clean it up with more distillation because you’re only  using a simple pot still.  And if your spirit isn’t right at the end of all that, you can’t just throw it in a barrel and hope ageing will make it better.” 

The finished article certainly lives up to its billing and has aromas of strawberry, red fruits, cream and peaches. On the palate, the beautiful silky rum has plenty of body and depth, with notes of chocolate and a soft liquorice finish. 

It’s certainly a far cry from some of the bland and uninteresting clear rums currently available on the New Zealand market today and in releasing this product, Lunatic & Lover aspire to open consumers eyes to what it’s possible to do within this category of rum.

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