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Creating rum, is in theory, a relatively simple endeavour. Creating exemplary rum however, is an altogether more challenging proposition! The devil, as they say, is most definitely in the details. We take unusual care to passionately craft a distillate that is rich and interesting, even before it is metamorphosed by our botanicals.

Our pursuit of perfect flavour begins with molasses; a thick, dark, delightfully messy product of the sugar refining process. We take great care sourcing our molasses depending on the final product we wish to create, some hails from across the Tasman and others from locales altogether more exotic.

The next step in the journey is to ferment this molasses. Fermentation is not just simply the creation of alcohol from sugar by yeast. Rum, perhaps more so than any other spirit places significant, almost mythical importance on this part of the process. The microscopic, single-cell beasties we call yeast are responsible for much of the flavour that materialises in the final spirit and as such, need to be treated with love, care, and attention to coax out those precious compounds. We’ve spent years collaborating and experimenting before choosing the specific strains and species that magically manifest the delectable profile we cover.

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From the fermenter we now turn our attention to our hand beaten, copper-pot still for the next stage of the liquid’s transformation. The distiller’s art is one shrouded in mystique and romance but in essence, it is rooted in patience, experience and finesse. Using a double distillation technique design to maximise the flavour, we conjure up an intriguing distillate of great substance and complexity.

The sane would stop there, content on having made an exemplary rum in traditional style. Alas, not us. For reasons best known only unto ourselves, we decided to introduce an entirely new lexicon of aroma and tastes into our beloved spirit, through an entirely mad method.

The lucidity behind the lunacy is as follows; A third distillation whereby meticulously selected (with much trial and tribulation!) herbs, spices and roots marry into the liquid, through a complex technique of vapour infusion.

The very essence of the ingredients rise from their earthly bodies in a heavenly mist of vaporised flavour and aromatics. The delectable purities are then infused through our spirit – thus creating an almost completely new category; Botanical Rum.

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  • Dandelion Root

    – New Zealand –

    Woody and earthy with lovely roasted tones. Works in delicious harmony with the base spirit.


    – New Zealand –

    Herbal aroma with a sharp, peppery heat in the mouth


    – New Zealand –

    Distinctive, beautiful, bright top note. Sweetish lemon citrus with a hint of vanilla and cinnamon.


    – New Zealand –

    Warm citrus on nose and palate. Brings brightness and acidity particularly noticeable on initial nosing and front of palate.


    – New Zealand –

    A traditional companion to Dandelion root, it brings a hint of sweetness to the earthiness.


    – India –

    Mellow, warm spice, sweet and woody with some fixative qualities


    – New Zealand –

    Herbaceous, slightly piney notes. Works in the background of flavour profile.


    – Peru –

    Chocolatey aroma and deep, dark, slightly bitter finish to palate. Adds depth and richness.


    – India –

    Intensely aromatic, green, resinous. Used sparingly as it can easily overpower.


    – Italy –

    Very light floral and musty notes but chiefly acts an aroma fixative.


    – Central America –

    Nutty and roasted qualities. Slight bitterness to counter the sweetness of the alcohol and add structure that comes through in the finish.


    – Jamaica –

    Spicy and piquant adding spice to the palette, with delightfully tangy and pungent aromatics.

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