Exponential Organic Overproof Rum


ABV: 60%


Made with a nod to the tradition of the high-octane, overproof rums often found in the Caribbean, Lunatic & Lover is positively fizzing to present a new, barnstorming, unaged overproof rum: “Exponential” is an exploration of what it is possible to create in an unaged rum using quality raw ingredients, some unusual yeasts and a dash of our own unconventional creativity.

Clocking in at a healthy 60% ABV this is a rum that demands respect but despite the power, has a lot of complexity on offer to those who have the inclination and fortitude to dig deeper.

Certified Organic

NOSE: Big tropical fruit aromas lead the way with added honey and floral elements. There’s a certain indefinable, wild note that adds complexity and intrigue. It presents as clean and controlled but certainly not timid!

PALATE: Exponential backs up the fruity nose with a big tropical fruit flavour and our signature rich, solid body and chocolatey molasses in a really solid finish.

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