Distillery Experiences

Distillery Discovery

1 hour

Technical explanations on making Rum. 


Min booking of 4 people
Max 10 people

Distillery Experience

3 hours

Educational discussions on taste-rich distilling. 

Go deep on: Sourcing ingredients, fermentation, distillation and making cuts, maturation and blending. 

Min booking of 2 people
Max 6 people

Fathers Day – Distillery Experience

2 hours

“Making the Cut” is more than just an expression to describe achievement. It has a definite origin and is in fact, the very essence of the distiller’s craft: As the new make spirit pours forth from the still, the distiller must use all the senses honed over the years to determine which fraction of the spirit to keep as the “hearts” that will become his final product and which to discard. Cut too early and the drink will have unpleasant compounds that give the drinker violent hangovers and likewise, let the hearts run on too late into the “tails” and the whole batch could be ruined. Only the finest and purest liquid makes the cut.

In this event, experienced distillers will lead your group through the process of how these cut points are determined using sensory evaluation during an actual small scale distillation of a Rum. All the considerations and tools required will be discussed and attendees will gain valuable insight into the demands, skills and perhaps most importantly of all, the mindset required to make a product of outstanding quality.

COST:  Single $100  Double $185

DATE: Sunday 30th September

EVENT TIMINGS:   2pm – 5pm

Min booking of 1 people

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