February 20, 2023

Big news for Fundamental!

We are delighted to announce that Lunatic & Lover has managed to win BioGro Organic Certification for our Fundamental unaged rum. This certification from an independent and internationally recognised third party is no mean feat and makes us one of only two distilleries in the entire country.

In very broad terms it means that every component of a product is made or grown without the use of synthetic chemicals or pesticides. It also needs to be non GMO.

The really interesting thing about our decision to become a certified organic producer is that the journey didn’t start with that as an end goal. Ironically, we had no preconceived notion or lofty ambition in that area. Everything we do as a distillery is focused around the quality of our spirit and in this case, after nearly two years of recipe development, the rum that really stood out from a flavour perspective was a test batch made from organic molasses. After we decided to base our unaged rum on this, the next logical question was; “Well, if the molasses is organic and it’s far and away the largest component of the ingredients, what’s involved with labelling the final liquid as organic?”. 

From there we had to choose a certifying authority and we selected one of the most well-known and respected; Biogro. They do a complete audit of all the ingredients, the recipe, the process and even what cleaning chemicals are used. Not only do

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